Refund Policy

  • Branch Applicable: All Branches of BDS

Purpose: Policy on FEE Refund in case of New Admission, existing students’ withdrawal in the mid/end of session 2023-24.

Scope    : It will apply to all BDS International School.

Responsibility: Principals, Headmistress, Department Heads, Admin officer, Accounts Officer.

Process Approach: Fee Refund policy will be applicable to all BDS International School students as per the given criteria.

  • In Case of New Admissions for a New session

Fees deposited the fee at the time of admission and subsequently withdrawal is initiated, parents shall be required to make an application in the prescribed form to the Head of School.

  1. In case the fee is paid and admission is withdrawn before 28 th February 2023 for the academic session 2023-24, the student shall be refunded the entire amount received after deducting Rs. 30,000/– towards administrative
  2. In case the fee is paid and admission is withdrawn after 28 th February 2023 and before April 1, 2023, the admission fees will be forfeited and balance fee which includes Security Deposit, Composite Fees will be refunded,

if In Case of Mid-Session Withdrawal

    Application for withdrawal shall be in the prescribed format and submitted to the School Office:-

  • Admission Fees Shall not be refunded;
  • For the student who has paid the full quarter fee, the fee is to be charged up to the end of the month, the student has attended classes and remaining proportionate fees for the quarter to be refunded along with security deposit.


  1. Security Deposit shall be refunded without interest, after adjustment of dues, if any, on withdrawal from the school. Security deposit is adjustable against damage to, or loss of, library books, laboratory equipment, technology facilities and other equipment or assets of the School.
  2. The refund shall be made within 3 months from the date of receiving the withdrawal application and submission of all relevant
  3. The school shall send the refund cheques after proper verification and checking for onward delivery to the Student
  4. TC shall be issued to the student only after all dues are paid