School has a mission to provide quality and affordable education to each and every section of the society without any discrimination. Consistently, school provides a platform to young achievers in nearly all the arenas of life and education. In the coming years school will provide ample opportunities at National and International level to the learners to explore their hidden talent and to enrich their learning experience. School has a mission to provide International platform to the students under Education Exchange Programme where students of school will exchange their ideas, learning ideologies and other values with the overseas students.
We are committed to prepare "Each child- a Smart child" through inclusion of smart teaching aids and techno friendly environment. We are committed to provide all the modern amenities and extra advance facilities to all learners for the better exposure in various spheres of students` life such as music, arts, sports, yoga and other co- curricular activities. We are ready to foster the facility of English Language lab for better understanding of Internationally accepted language through close monitoring and technical advancement.
We are determined to draw the attention of the society and the children on such Indian traditional values which perhaps have lost its sheen in the race of modernity and new trends now a days. We are firmly committed to inculcate ethics like to respect for parents, elders and, surely, for school by regular interaction with the students through different activities and counseling in the coming years.
In the coming years we are committed to lay more emphasis on Guidance and Counseling sessions for the Teachers, Students and Parents. We believe that guidance and counseling are no more a matter of choice it is indeed a matter of necessity. Regular counseling and guidance sessions will bring harmony and better understanding among the school, teachers, students and parents.
We are also ready to strengthen the core committee of school through the inclusion of Parents Teacher Association (PTA) which will be an indispensable part of nearly all the internal and external affairs of the school.
Lastly, in the near future the school promises to bring all the POSITIVE and GOOD changes in all the spheres of education and students` life and will definitely show better & better results.
May God be with us----. Thanking All, Principal BDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

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