Practical Knowledge

We, at BDS International School emphasis on experiential learning for the students through the conduction of various activities like debate, extempore , role play, group discussions, science exhibition and many more. Various visits excursions field trips are arranged for the experience learning and exposure for practical knowledge. We also maintain well equipped Physics, Chemistry , Biology, Home Science, Maths and computer labs so as to enable students to carve and imbibe their creative,critical and innovative imagination.

Sports and Games

We, at BDS provide varied kinds of sports activities and sports facilities to all the students of the School. We have maintained a separate section of sports for the tiny tots of KG Section. Sports section of school is equipped with all range of sports facilities like Basket Ball Courtyard ,Volley Ball courtyard, and a spacious playground for the games like Football and cricket.. Children are also enjoying Indoor Games like table tennis,chess and carom etc. We are also encouraging students for the Yoga and Martial Arts. We have separate instructors for Yoga and Martial Art classes in the School. Time to Time various sports functions and competitions are organized inside and outside the school campus with an aim to provide platform to the young children for the exposure for their hidden talents.

Competitive Edge

In todayís World of competitions, we always encourage healthy competition among the learners. For this, we always motivate children to participate in various competition and provide platform in almost all the inter and intra school competitions or the competitions organised by CBSE and motivate students to take part in all such competition. We believe that sports and games are the essential part of child education.

Seminar and Workshop

We are conducting various kinds of Seminars and Workshop throughout the years for the development and growth of the students and teachers. Children are benefited through various educational workshop and seminar based on the curriculum ,motivation and for their personality development. We are also conducting teacherís orientation programmes , parents orientation programmes throughout the year on monthly basis.

Library and Study Room

We have enrich library having variant nature of books ,novels, literature ,magazines and other refreshers for the students.


BDS International School provides a good and effective mode of transportation for the students. There are many well equipped and furnished Buses and Cabs for the children.