Guidelines To Parents

1. Parents are required to send their ward’s report cards or any other similar documents related to their wards, whenever requested upon or send home for their approval.
2. The parents are advised to attend all the PTM held in the school to know the progress of their wards.
3. Parents are requested to inculcate the values of punctuality and regularity in attendance, proper school uniform and completing home work assignment.
4. It is obligatory for student to participate whole heartedly in any excursion or picnic organised by the school.
5. It is suggested to the parents to discourage their wards from driving any vehicle if they are below sixteen years of age.
6. It is suggested to the parents to discourage their wards from bunking incidents in School .
7.Change in address or telephone number of parents or guardians must be intimated to the school in writing without delay. The school will not be responsible for non-receipt of any communication in case the changes are not intimated.
8.It is mandatory to converse in English for all students while they are in the school premises.
9.School property must be taken care of by the students. Writing or scribbling on the walls or causing damage to school property will be treated as a breach of discipline.
10. Parents are earnestly requested not to send their wards to the school on the day their wards require short leave. Students are not allowed to go home during school hours.