An Insight

BDS International School is running under the aegis of DKS Shiksha Pasar Samiti founded in 1993. This Samiti is dedicated towards the education sector of the society to impart knowledge in different fields on no profit scheme.

BDS opens up new vistas in child education under the name , style and design. Every parent desires to see his/her children being diligent , hard-working, imbibe good moral values. BDS assures to inculcate all these values among the students so that they can bring laurels to their parents and school.

Many educationists have said "Everything is good as it comes from the hands of the author of the nature , but everything degenerates in the hand of man". The child is innocent , noble and good but he should be protected from the degrading environment.

We offer students a personalized education tailored to their specific needs through individualized learning plans that are developed and supported by experienced staff. We work with students and their families to help them overcome obstacles with a unique and highly supportive approach. Our experienced teachers and counsellors inspire students to work hard and help them succeed.